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From analysis and development to series manufacturing. Sontech international AB supplies the industry with innovative acoustic solutions and products to create a pleasant sound comfort. We specialise in sound damping of systems and components in demanding environments with high demands for fire safety, resistance, cleaning and accessibility of service and for useful life and environmental impact. We have the market’s widest range of sound insulating material at our disposal. 
We work in networks together with acoustic consultants and leading experts within aeroacoustics.
Comprehensive solutions for sound problems

  • Analysis
  • Concept solution and design
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Series construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Series delivery
Image DescriptionMicroperforated panels are becoming a vital tool in the acoustician’s battle to reduce noise emissions. The basic concept has now been expanded to cover more applications.

The world of microperforated panels (MPP) for sound absorption has started to occupy the thoughts of acousticians over the past 10 years. Sontech started commercial production of Acustimet 15 years ago

The delicately cut holes in the 0,1-0,4mm range is creating the absorption without using any absorbant fibers or foams. There are up to 100 000 holes per sqm.
It has been used in the creation of narrowband MPP absorbers which can be tuned by hole size and the dimensions of hole distance and air gap behind the panel.

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