Sontech is a market leader within the area of sound-damping acoustics and products which lead to better sound comfort.

Since 1987 Sontech has, as a partner in product development, flagga-sontechsupplied the industry with comprehensive solutions for acoustic and thermal problems. We have an in-house development laboratory and a prototype workshop where we do a large part of the work, from development work to series production. Sontech’s main market is industrial customers in northern Europe, but the interest in our unique products has resulted in a high growth rate globally. Sontech is characterised by:

  • Innovative solutions for noise problems
  • In-house research and development, often in collaboration with distinguished research centres in Europe
  • Quick decision making processes that lead to shortest delivery time
  • Proprietary globally unique product family – Acustimet – patent-protected in 34 countries
  • Certified in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001
  • Approved as a supplier for vehicle manufacturers with high demands
  • A high level of customer satisfaction through well-structured management of the customer base and market
  • Reliable supplier with over 30 years of presence in the market