The sound from buses, trains, trams, trucks, forestry and construction equipment, ships and aeroplanes is regulated by directives and regulations. They often generate a lot of sound which is regulated in accordance with the CE directive and workplace rules. The sound from these vehicles affects both drivers, passengers and the surrounding environment, especially in a city environment.

The sound insulation solutions which are demanded should be robust, fireproof and withstand dirt and wet conditions. Assembly and service duration are also important factors which we should take into account for designing solutions.

Train and aeroplane manufacturers impose particularly high demands for safety and long useful life. This means, for example, that the demands for fire safety are extremely high and that the demands on the supplier for delivery are rigorous.

Sontech has proven that it can lead development projects within the area of acoustics for successful solutions for:

Drive units

Cooling units

Wheel housing

Interior design

Driver’s cabs
Noise commercial vehicles