The product is used for high performance temperature and fire resistance applications.

Workshop machines, fans, mills, printers, materialhandling machines, ovens, particle separators, power equipment, generators, engines, compressors, hydraulic equipment, food processing machines.

Transportation and vehicles
Engine compartment in boats and vehicles, scooters, off road vehicles, gardening tools, combustion mufflers.

Hospital care and large-scale kitchens
Dish and washingmachines, vacuum cleaners, ovens, airconditioners, mobile walls, hygienic acoustic ceilings.

Elevators and engine rooms, ventilation installations, ceilings.

Method of use
Cut and form to desired shape. Mount at an apprropriate distance from back wall. Seal all edges.

Acustimet is an all-metal soundabsorbing element without any fibers. Metal quality and thickness can be choosen according to requirements.
  • Non combustible
  • Does not attract fluids or dirt
  • Easily cleaned
  • Withstand high temperatures
  • Does not age
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Fibre free
  • Good sound absorption
  • Mechanically rigid and tough
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Resistant to wear
  • No static electricity
  • Easy to form

Sound absorption:
See PDF diagram.

Temperature resistance:
Depending on metal

Non combustible

Aluminium, steel, stainless steel

On demand

1,2,3 mm, Other on demand. Stainless 0,5 mm.

As metal sheet

Depending on Metal

Sheet size:
600x1200mm and 1000x2000mm

The shaping and positioning of the material is of major importance to achieve an optimal sound-dampening effect.
Sontech has long experience of practical noise control projects in a wide range of industrial fields. These experiences can be a valuable addition to the laboratory data given in the datasheet. Sontech can also assist with advice and sound measurements for noise control and in the manufacture of customised material sets.


Thickness in mm:
0,5 ,1

AL, Fe, SS

Exampel of
ordering code: